Graduate Student Researchers:

The Structures and Artificial Intelligence Lab (SAIL) at the University of Houston invites applications from highly motivated students for graduate research in the broad area of artificial intelligence applications in structural engineering. Students may apply to one of the following programs:  PhD in Civil Engineering, PhD in Electrical Engineering, PhD in Computer Engineering, or PhD in Geosensing and Systems Engineering.

We are currently looking for students interested in the following topics:

  • Computer Vision for Digital Twins
  • Large Language Models Hallucination Mitigation in Domain Specific Applications

General topics of interest include but are not limited to:

  • Deep learning and computer vision for condition assessment
  • Structural health monitoring and system identification
  • Cyber-modeling and digital twins/Physics-based modeling
  • Path planning for inspections
  • Robotic inspections of civil infrastructure
  • Augmented and virtual reality for inspections
  • Built environment analytics and smart cities
  • Disaster risk assessment
  • Machine learning for structural engineering

Preferred qualifications:

  • Undergraduate or Masters degrees in Civil/Mechanical/Electrical/Computer Engineering/Physics or similar with GPA>3.6
  • Programming experience
  • Strong foundations in linear algebra, calculus, and probability
  • Research experience in structural engineering/machine learning
  • Familiarity with deep learning packages in python

Application statements should directly address the applicant’s programming experience (may include links to reports or github repositories if any). Additionally, prior research experience in the aforementioned or similar topics, or any relevant research in structural engineering should be articulated in the application.

Admission is highly competitive but successful PhD applicants will receive full tuition support and stipend for the duration of their study through research and teaching assistantships. Full applications may be submitted at http://www.cive.uh.edu/admissions/civil-engineering/application-forms. We have one position for Fall 2024.

I get a large number of applicant emails and it is sometimes difficult for me to respond to all of them given the limited time. To express your interest in the open positions before submitting a full application, students are encouraged to fill out this optional pre-application interest form. https://forms.gle/nZsGJX4sZCAcNNHR9 (details basic information, relevant experience, and career objectives). If you are unable to access this form or don’t wish to fill it, you may also email me copy of your CV and Cover letter with the subject starting with “Prospective Graduate Student”. You can download a PDF copy of the pre-application interest form here for your reference.

For further inquiries, please email Dr. Vedhus Hoskere (vhoskere -at- central.uh.edu).

Undergraduate Student Researchers:

UH undergraduate students interested in conducting research in our lab should email Dr. Vedhus Hoskere (vhoskere -at- central.uh.edu) your resume and interests with the subject “Prospective Undergrad”.